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It's time to embark
on an adventure
of discovery
with God as your guide

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God never created us to live small, insignificant lives but lives full of purpose and passion, ruling and reigning in our own spheres of influence. Yet, as Christian women, we’re so often guilty of living small and downgrading our dreams into something ‘manageable’ and within the confines of our natural abilities. We limit ourselves and our thinking, and in doing so, limit His power to move through us in amazing ways to impact the world around us.


Sound familiar?


  • How would your life be different if you had a newfound sense of clarity and confidence and knew each day that you were living out your divine destiny?



  • What would it feel like to get out of bed each morning with a spring in your step and a fire in your belly - excited to walk in the fullness of all you were created to be?



If you’re ready to find out, the ‘Dream Big Blueprint’ is the perfect place to start.


This book is a step-by-step interactive roadmap that will enable you to get clarity and

focus as you create your very own strategic dream blueprint to discover your

God-given dreams and start to see them become reality.


Join Vicky Hughes as she shares prophetic encouragement and practical wisdom,

and invites you to embark on an incredible journey of discovery with God as your guide.






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Hi, I'm Vicky Hughes, Kingdom entrepreneur, writer, speaker, dream catalyst & coach, and founder of the Company of Dreamers; a global gathering of amazing women daring to discover their God-sized dreams & daring to partner with heaven to see them become reality.


My heart is to see you as a daughter of God released

into the fulness of all you were created to be. I'm on a mission to inspire, equip, and empower you to dream big and live a life full of purpose and passion, and my book

'Dream Big Blueprint' is designed to do just that.

It's a 7-day adventure that will guide you to unlock your God-given dreams and unleash your full God-given potential.

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Take the


Take your experience online with 'Dream Big Blueprint - The Course'.

If you love online learning this is a great add-on to the book, or works as a standalone self-paced alternative to work through the dream discovery process.

Already got the book? Fabulous! Now you qualify for a big discount if you

decide to take the course too!



"Dream Big Blueprint isn’t just a book – it’s your personal invitation to an adventure into self-discovery and a deeper spiritual walk. Vicky's heart for God and her desire to see His daughters fully realise their potential shine through. Get ready to dig deep, explore, and discover the 'more' you've been longing for, while forging a stronger connection with your Heavenly Father."

Get the FREE exclusive book bonuses...

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If you're loving the book and want to enhance the experience, stay tuned for these companion resources coming soon...

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Dream Big Blueprint

'The Workbook'

I want to do everything I can to help you get clarity on your calling and be able to take strategic, practical steps of faith in partnership with God. The Dream Big Blueprint book was designed to be as actionable as possible, and this companion workbook will help you to go deeper in exploring the reflections in the book with plenty of space to respond fully to the questions, and document everything you discover along the journey. It includes all the reflections and action steps from the book along with extra exercises and tools to help you 'write the vision' and run with it.

Dream Big Blueprint

'The Journal'

Journalling can be such a powerful tool if done properly, and when it comes to your God-given dreams there's nothing like carving out time and space to capture your thoughts and ideas as God brings revelation to your heart and mind. 

 This guided journal complements the book beautifully and is the perfect place to let your reflections flow onto the paper as you ask the Holy Spirit to guide you and take time to dream with God!

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Dream Big Blueprint

Group Study Guide

Embarking on a journey of discovery and purpose is an enriching experience, but let’s face it, adventures are always better with friends, and discovering your God-given

dreams is no exception.


If you lead a small group, coordinate a book club, or want to gather a circle of friends committed to personal and spiritual growth, the Dream Big Blueprint Group Study Guide will equip you with everything needed to facilitate a journey of shared discovery.


Packed with easy-to-follow session plans, conversation starters that’ll get everyone talking, thought-provoking questions, and engaging activities tailored for group interaction, this guide promises to make the journey through Dream Big Blueprint a collective expedition towards living a life of purpose, empowered by faith and friendship.


Whether you’re meeting up in church, someone’s cosy living room, a bustling coffee shop, or even connecting online, you can use this guide as your trusty map for navigating the big questions, with plenty of scenic stops for personal sharing and forging genuine connections.


Gather your people, grab this guide, and experience the joy and strength that comes from walking this path together, as you inspire each other to dream big and step boldly

into your divine destinies!

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